My services

I operate a fully mobile service with the some of the latest and
best equipment available for giving the best care possible for every horse and every mouth.

Routine Dental Work

During routine dental work I aim to attain the following: Reduction of focal over growths to within normal limits, Reduction of sharp enamel points to cheek teeth to within normal limits; Maintenance of the correct table angle, Molar occlusion, proper lateral excursion, rostro-caudal function of the mandible and proper incisor angle.

Remedial Dental Work

Through years of the best training available coupled with my own experiences working on thousands of horses with a massive array of problems, I am able to correct a huge amount of dental problems safely in the comfort of the horses own stable.

Veterinary Referrals

I work very closely with a number of veterinary practices who ask for my skills and expertise with dentistry. These healthy working relationships allow horses to be referred back into clinics or onto specialist referral centres when necessary.