Matthew Moister

The Horse Dentist

BEVA qualified & member of The British Association of Equine Dental Technicians


The British Association Of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT) was founded in 2001 and is an organisation for qualified professional Equine Dental Technicians, promoting the professional training of technicians and to provide greater understanding of the need for equine dentistry to the general public.

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During routine dental work I aim to attain the following: Reduction of focal over growths to within normal limits, Reduction of sharp enamel points to cheek teeth to within normal limits; Maintenance of the correct table angle, Molar occlusion, proper lateral excursion, rostro-caudal function of the mandible and proper incisor angle.


Through years of the best training available coupled with my own experiences working on thousands of horses with a massive array of problems, I am able to correct a huge amount of dental problems safely in the comfort of the horses own stable.


I work very closely with a number of veterinary practices who ask for my skills and expertise with dentistry. These healthy working relationships allow horses to be referred back into clinics or onto specialist referral centres when necessary.


““Matthew is a regular part of my horse’s health checks. My horses have to be in tip top condition and Matthew has been instrumental in maintaining them and alerting me to any potential concerns he may have. I have always recommended Matt to friends and clients, I regularly have feedback from my customers commenting on the excellent condition of horse’s teeth I have produced and sold on. Having that feedback and watching Matt work shows me that he is an excellent EDT and fantastic with my horses.””

Abbe ElliottShow Jumper

““I have known Matthew for a long time now. We both served in the Kings Troop RHA together. From the start I knew Matthew was a professional in everything he does. He has treated a large selection of show jumpers for me over the years and treats every one with the patience and respect they deserve. He has dealt with youngsters starting off as well as all of my top horses. He has dealt with tricky horses and some with no dental care before coming to me and knows exactly how to approach all situations. I need professionals that I can rely on and trust so I have hesitations about recommending Matthew to anyone.””

Charlie WhiteTeam White Show Jumping

“Very busy week with lots of clients new and old, human and horse! A visit from Matthew Moister for spot and orange teeth, always a fab job and a good catch up, a quick visit from my amazing vet, Ricki, and new shoes for Henry after 6 weeks on box rest from my fab farrier. X will enjoy my glass of wine tonight!!! X”

Gemma Faye DiducaEquine Veterinary Physiotherapist

“Thank you Matthew Moister for giving our 3yr old Cleveland Bay stallion Hallhouse Gladimere a good first experience having his teeth done.”

Lauren AllenYard Manager at Castlerise Stud

“Great visit from our wonderful equine dentist, Matt Moister. As always his calm professionalism meant all the horses being treated had a good experience which I believe to be incredibly important. It’s good to know that Matt not only keeps a professional eye on their teeth but also their mouth and tongue and is quick to find any changes that could possibly cause future problems. ”

Abbe Elliott

“As a professional show jumper it’s really important to me that my horses are comfortable in their mouth. Knowing that they don’t have sharp edges, hooks or other dentistry issues means they are less likely to evade the contact which is not only vital when schooling but also when jumping the big tracks! I highly recommend Matt Moister and wouldn’t have anyone else care for my horses mouths. ”

Charlie White Professional Show Jumper