A Short Introduction To Matthew the Horse Dentist:

Matthew Moister is a UK trained, fully insured equine dental technician practicing mainly throughout London, the Home Counties and East Anglia, although large national and international group bookings anywhere are welcome. Matthew uses a comprehensive range of both hand tools and power equipment in order to deal with the vast majority of horse dental problems on site with the minimum amount of stress for your horse. Matthew Moister regularly treats a vast variety of horses and ponies of different sizes, breeds and uses. Matthews clients range from novice horse enthusiasts to large professional and commercial yards in almost every discipline.

“I have been involved with horses all my life, eventually progressing onto joining the Army and more specifically the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, where I spent 10 years as a military riding instructor, BHS AI and lead driver in the gun team. I have competed around the country and enjoy show jumping, hunting, point to pointing and carriage driving. I have also produced and schooled many young horses both for parade work and sports purposes.”

Matthew has a strong belief in continual professional development. Matthew regularly works and studies with other Equine Dental Technicians and Specialist Vets. He continues to attend lectures and courses in order to broaden his own knowledge and the evolution of Equine Dentistry Science.